Elder Care Expert
Buckley Fricker, JD, CMC


Elder Care Expert

Buckley quoted in:The New York Times on Managing Health Costs with Crowdfunding/ January, 2015.
Author of the featured article in The Alzheimer's Foundation of America's Quarterly Magazine Summer 2015: Advance Medical Directives: Planning Now For Later
Quoted in: Reuters article on costly dating mistakes by Seniors /August 6, 2013.
WSJ MarketWatch article on running your doctor visit /July 25, 2013.

Buckley Anne Kuhn Fricker

 Business Owner

Buckley's For Seniors, LLC offers college-educated companions for the discerning senior. Serving the DC metro area since 2005. www.Buckleys4Seniors.com

Elder Care Expert

Buckley Fricker is the nation's only certified Aging Life Care ManagerTM who is also a licensed attorney. Owning and operating a geriatric care management and senior services company for over a decade, combined with her background in elder law, gives Buckley a unique knowledge-base allowing her to answer almost any question on the spectrum of elder care issues. She is the author of Elder Care: The Road to Growing Old is Not Paved, a reference manual on legal, financial, and healthcare considerations from retirement through end of life care. She teaches courses and speaks regularly on eldercare and senior issues and is the founder of the company Buckley’s For Seniors, LLC.

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Elder Care: The Road to Growing Old Is Not Paved is available in print and ebook on Amazon and Lulu.com

Read a review of the book here!

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